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Retirement to Philippines

Tim Potter Philippines from Sugar Land Texas
Tim Potter in Philippines from Sugar land

Sugar Land to Philippines

The Last 5 Years from Sugar Land.

Tim Potter Sugar Land to Philippines
Tim Potter Sugar Land to Philippines
In 2007 I retired from the Marine Corps and came to the Philippines.  I came here and started teaching English at Alta Resort and Language School on Mactan Island.  During this time I owned and operated several internet cafes.  I decided in 2009 to end my relationship with the Cafe business.  I moved from Cebu City Philippines to a little town on the other side called Balanbam Philippines.  That is where I met my wife. We dated for 7 months and decided to take the next steps and get married.  We wed on May 6th 2010.  We lived in a two bedroom apartment by the beach for about a year.  Then we were blessed and my wife was pregnant with our first child.  We decided that hospitals and such were not so great in that small town.  So we relocated back to Cebu City.  Our son Zachary was born 4 Oct 2011. We were double blessed as the wife discovered she was again pregnant with our second son.  Leevi was born August 13 2011.

Picture of my Retirement just before I came to the Philippines.

Tim Potter Marine Retirement Philippines USMC
Tim Potter in Sugar Land Retired to Philippines
Zol and I currently live in Cebu City Philippines and will soon travel to the USA and live in Sugar Land Texas. Living Abroad for the last 5 years there a few things I learned that will assist in your journey. With the internet keeping in contact with loved ones and enjoying the fruits of your home country are simpler.  We will soon travel and are doing our Visa to head to the US.   This is our story.

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