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Reasons Filipinos Work Overseas

3 Common Reasons Why Filipinos Work Abroad

By: prime fernandez

Why Filipinos Choose to Work Abroad?

Every day Filipinos leave the country to work abroad.
Nowadays, there are a lot of Filipinos leaving the country everyday to work for abroad.

Each Filipinos who opted to work abroad have their own reasons why they prefer to work abroad.
Filipinos Abroad
 Whether it’s their first choice or just forced to leave.

Filipinos are becoming more practical nowadays; some does not value anymore the spirit of Patriotism.

Why?  Because Filipinos need money the basic necessity in order to live.  Money is a security blanket to each and every one in order to live; in order to meet the daily needs such as food, clothing, and shelter and to provide a better education among children.

Whether to work abroad is a matter of choice or not, every Filipinos wished to have a decent and quality of life.

Filipinos have different aspects and episodes in life and they have different reasons why they choose to leave the country and work abroad.  But one of these is the most common reason why Filipinos work abroad and sacrificially leaving loved ones behind.
Overseas Filipino Workers 300x225 3 Common Reasons Why Filipinos Work Abroad
There are a lot of OFWs spread in different countries of the world.

3 Common Reasons Why Filipinos Choose to Work Abroad

1.    Higher Salary and Income

When the pay is high, there is a great chance for Filipinos to send more money to the Philippines.
Philippine Economy

Truth hurts but working in the Philippines would make you become poorer than what you are now, the salary of the workers even if graduated from a very prestigious school has a low bracket compared when you are working abroad.

Even sought after and demand jobs in certain parts of the world like nurses, engineers, and teachers are paid poorly when working here in the Philippines.

Many professionals would prefer to  work abroad as domestic helpers or office clerks and leave their teaching jobs because there is a great possibility of getting a higher salary and income and that would mean they can send money to the Philippines more often for their loved ones left behind.

 2.    Unstable economic condition in the Philippines

The wobbling economic condition and political situation in the Philippines is one of the main reasons why Filipinos work abroad.

They cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel, others see it a hopeless case.  Let’s face it, we hear the news everyday, wherever we are, we can hear what is happening to our country.

Fact, our country is governed mostly by dishonest, corrupt and unserious officials seated in government positions voted by the Filipino citizens to look after the welfare of the Filipino people but instead they are ripping the people’s money for their own benefits and interest.

It is a common awareness that having a corrupt government, mismanagement of the country’s assets, gross inefficiency in government functions and many others that hinders the entire country from development due to self interest and greed, what else can we expect from these?

Each Filipino citizen will always be frustrated with such condition for we know that we will not grow if our government will continue these circumstances.

 3.    High unemployment rate

Every year many eager graduates from college joined the Philippine workforce thus stiffing the competition of landing to a more compensated jobs, some Filipinos end up acquiring work from
Philippines Unemployment
factories or manufacturing firms for the purpose of having experienced or no other choices for other job positions.

High unemployment rate and less job opportunities for new graduates are unending problems in the country each year.

With such high competition for career opportunity, some applicants are desperate to have a job that they are willing to get paid for lower salaries and not enjoy benefits as long as there is security of tenure.

Sad to say, these will make most of the employers and businessmen grab such inequitable condition that keeps their businesses save labor cost and earn more profit.

Although working abroad is very rewarding, there is also the downside in working to a foreign land.

The loneliness of being away from your loved ones, the discrimination from overseas employers, and the high cost of living abroad is very sacrificial for OFWs.

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