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Online Dating Dangers 101

Danger Danger to Dating On Line

Another Great Article written and posted at on Living In Cebu Forums. 

Experience with these web sites compel me to issue some warnings. Be careful, please!

Dating dangers Online

First of all, there are a lot of girls there who lie about their age. This can be dangerous because you may get set up with someone who is not yet 18 but they claim to be 22-23.
It's a good thing I asked some if they could show me an ID when I invited them on a date and then they confessed that they had faked their age. Always insist on an ID and meet them in a public place. If they refuse to bring/ show you an ID, don't go on the date. I had to report several members who confessed they were underage. These were taken down. But how many more are there signing up every day!

The sites are not at really at fault because there is no way they can control it, and they will remove such liars, but they can't police everyone. They put warnings out but many people don't mind them. Be extra careful, please. Do not start any serious relationships with anyone before you know they are who they are.

There are also oodles of ladies with an agenda to "borrow" money. This is why they sign up.  I went out with some, and after two dates, a text would arrive asking for a loan of 4000, 5000 and once even 15,000 pesos. This is not allowed by the sites, but you usually have to present proof that they had asked for money to have them removed- and how are you going to show them them a text message and prove it was from her? One asked me to send her money so that she could get an ID to prove to me that she was legit.

There are also ladies who have boyfriends/husbands -and are in the process of separation or are even still living with them. They are not happy though with the bf's not having money. Hence, they secretly put an ad looking for a "porener" and start dating you while asking you to buy this and that.  If the BF finds out, he may harm you bad.

Dating dangers online
There are some who did not even put the ad to begin with, but a friend or a relative had put it for them. They start-" Oh, it wasn't me who'd placed the ad, it was my brother- he wanted me to meet a porener, but I don't want to". It may even be the relative or friend chatting with you or answering on her behalf. Sometimes it's to " help" her meet a ritz porener but sometimes it's again, to ask for money. Sometimes, it is the BF who puts the ad and then sends his GF out to meet you with a sob story and ask for money or to buy food, and then she brings the money to him. Slick!
I was once scammed in the most embarrassing and insolent way. A brother put an ad and they met me and told me about an upcoming birthday party. He asked me to pay for the lady's birthday party. I bought a cake and food and the whole family ate and everyone was so happy, but it turned out later there was no birthday on that day.

If you are a kind and sincere soul and want to meet a good person for dating, friendship, relationship, etc, there are scammers lying in wait ready to pounce on you. And they come up with very intelligent and totally shameless ways to make you part with your money.
There are also many nice ladies there, but you have got to be on guard and double check every time you have a date with one.

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