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Adjustment to Life in Texas

Catmon Cebu

After 6+ years in Cebu Adjusting Back

Part 1 of 3

When I left Texas it was in 2007 and when I returned it was 2013.  Many things changed and many stayed the same.  I now have a lovely wife and had two gorgeous children upon my return.  It was all about the same for me as I came back.  The wife had a hard time with it at first.  She now seems to be in a sync yet still misses Lano Del Norte Philippines.  

The journey for us began right at the Airport where we were greeted with open arms.  All our worldly belongings stuffed in 6 suitcases weighing exactly 50 lbs a piece. That and a few dollars in our hands is all we had.  We had all the paperwork in order and breezed through Customs  and Immigration.  This was a relief as we had just spent the last 16 hours in a metal tube with a 1 and 2 year old.  Trying at times would best describe how we felt.

Freeway heading WestThe first impression was WOW as we traveled down I-10 for the first time heading west.  At  points that interstate is 16 lanes wide.  It was sorta desolate at 1 am in the morning.   The speed seemed super sonic in comparison to anything you can travel in the Philippines. We arrived safely at my parents farm and just kicked back and tried to get some rest.  The next morning she was totally amazed at just how flat it was.  The next thing she noticed was the lack of homes and houses piled on top of each other.

Jeepney in Manila, PhilippinesWe managed to get out that day and see a few sights.  She loved the parks and recreation for the children. Also just loved driving over the roads as they were wide open.  There were no belching trucks or Jeepney's to clogged the roads.  There were no busses or other forms of mass transportation.  It was kinda a shock. She also noticed the lack of socializing on the front porch step.  Lack of interaction between neighbors. We then stopped at one of my favorite places to eat some lunch.  WhatABurger and had a good lunch of course no rice.  That will be the subject of part two of this three part series.  Zol's first overall experience was on of excitement yet hesitant as the world is nothing like the Philippines.

Tim Potter Texas

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