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Philippines Do's Don'ts of Internet Dating

Internet Dating Superstuds

Philippine Internet Dating

By Bob Ward

Let's talk about the dreaded internet as a tool to meet Filipinas. Despite what some say, there are many good and honest women out there in cyber land. You just need the right guidelines and tools to help you sort the chaff from the wheat.
As the internet proliferates further, there are more and more good women who are willing to take a chance at it. They are more scared and therefore reluctant than you are. There is your first key to one of the best indicators of a really sincere and honest woman versus a scammer. A demure nature is a very good sign!
Anyway, let's get to the nitty gritty!

1) Choose a site

Texas Sugar land dating sites(or sites depending upon your budget) that suits your needs and supplies good tools and information. There are a ton of them out there, but only a few really good ones! 

2) Be honest!

Don't post a 10 year old picture when you were 20 pounds lighter and had less grey hair. If you want honesty, do your part as well. Watch out for the reverse as well.

3) Pictures are not worth a thousand words here.

Beware of the ones who went to Glamour Shots and got a photo array taken. When you take a way the clothes, hair and makeup, she will look a bit different. Plus this is a standard strategy for the scammers in allot of the rural areas. Always ask for recent pictures (dated) taken with a digital camera. Yes even the girls in the province know where to borrow a camera or go to the photo shop and pay P20.

4) As soon as the sad stories start, beware.

Some are legit and it will just come up in a natural conversation. But on the second chat, hearing about the mother in the hospital needing medication, run run run. My true love and proof that the internet works, had some sad stories. Her husband was killed. Her job sucked. But they were real and she did not go into that right away.

5) Ask lots of questions and do not be shy.

Be respectful, but not shy. Short answers and reluctance to answer things are a sure sign of a scammer. Replies like yup, yap yeps and the sort are signs of internet junkies and or immaturity that just want to take some cash and run.

6) Let the web cam be your friend.

Many times scammers will have a boy friend, husband or accomplice right beside her. If you see a girl talking or looking to the side often, beware! Ask her to pan the cam in that direction. If she is reluctant or refuses, run run run. Reluctance to smile is a bad sign that her dental hygiene has been lacking or her teeth are crooked. Covering the mouth when smiling is somewhat common, but still a sign of potential issues. Do not be shy (after a few chats) about asking her to stand up to show you a full profile. (This can be tricky if she is in an internetcafe) No don't ask her to show you the goods! There are many foreigners who are just looking for a cheap thrill and you will come off as one of them.

7) Having internet at home!

Most scammers don't have PCs at home. If the girl/woman has internet access at home then it's a good sign that she comes from a family that has some reasonable means of supporting themselves.

8) Gainfully employed!

A good sign is if the woman/girl is already supporting herself. Many will say they have jobs, just ask for a scanned copy of their most recent paycheck stub or income statement. Do this under the guise that you have been lied to in the past so you are being careful. *** See Below

9) Living conditions!

Conditions of Manila Apartmets
Many will be living with family. Hopefully not their brother! LOLOLOLOL For those new to the Phils, this is a common story about living with a brother when it's actually her BF or husband. Ask for recent pics of her residence and or family. If a woman/girl is surviving is a squatters area under deplorable conditions, she most likely would not be the type you want anyway. Do not expect the same as you might expect in the west regardless. The conditions here are on a much different scale. If I judged by the apartment family lives in, I would not have chosen her. But because they choose to live meagerly, does not make them bad people.

10) Do not send money for Internet time.

If she can't afford to chat with you a couple of times a week on her dime, steer clear, she will just need more money for other things as well.

11) Education!

The average college education here is similar to graduating from an average high school in the US. They have to pay for everything regarding education. So if a girl/woman is reporting that she is a college graduate, ask for her transcripts. Once again, you were lied to remember. And you probably were anyway! *** See below!

12) Living in the US/west.

If a woman/girl only wants to live in another country, beware. I would suggest going with a story that you are planning to move to the Phils to live. Even if you are not thinking that way totally. This will weed out the immigration at all costs thinkers.

13) Don't come off as a rich kano looking to be fleeced.

Be humble and don't brag. This will put off the honest women big time while enticing the scammers to be more diligent.

14) Don't send money for anything at all.

If money comes up early on, run run run.

There will be more to add here but I need to cook some breakfast for the masses. Later!

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