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Expats with Run-ins with the Law

Philippine Expats Run-Ins with the Law

"Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas, USMC-Retired" proposed a question to the Living Cebu Forums.

As you read through many of the more recent topics you see a constant theme of people being anti establishment. This is more then just being upset over an excessive search but a feeling they were
Run-ins with Law
Do the Crime, Do the Time
wronged previously generating their anger. You see this as they discount everything that has now afford them the opportunity to live in the Philippines. Before someone says oh I worked hard for it. So did that Filipino so compare equally the Social Security payout for equal work. Any person that says they will never return to their homeland also leaves to question why not. Never is a longtime. For those that are married sharing your culture with your SO I would think is important. Even if its only for an extended vacation. Maybe I am just a skeptic when a 50 something tells me never, I ask what your hiding. My thoughts.

So this was an interesting topic with several hundreds of views and 30+ replies.  They range from the agreeing to the disagreeing and justifying.  Though to my suprise the majority read like this one:

I plan on being buried here, the operative word is plan.
Why dont I take my wife back to the states at least for a visit?  Mainly because we are raising six kids here, buying property and dont have the extra few thousand that it would require.
Anti American sentiment I read here is mostly about anti Obama, and what the US has/is becoming now...I havent read what I consider to be anti America, mostly anti the direction the country is taking....when I was growing up, (Im 67 now)  there were certain unassailable rights and privacy that are non-existent  now.
As for the reason folks come here, I came here for a girl...that didnt work out, met my wife and stayed.....
Then it seemed you had several rational posts that showed the exact positives and negatives of living in both the west and in the Philippines.   

Reasons why not to return to USA: a) women suck (not in bedroom but outside it,mostly) b) government sucks no longer servants of the people; corrupt c) populace is rapidly becoming retarded, ignorant and/or violent. d) police state; big brother intrusions into your life-one. e) unfriendly, dishonest, no moral compass, moraless capitalism Reasons to return: a) better shopping; still some consumer protections (best reason) b) flawed but better legal system c) more pollution controls-cleaner air, water d) more legal rights, if you're white and can afford them. e) better medical if you're not poor or have good insurance. f) better postal system, no corrupt customs for out of country deliveries. g) few to no blackouts h) better internet, phone system. I am sure there are others, just my ah*le opinions, take it or leave it.
Then you had the final thing which were the political naysayers that believed everything is just going on a negative slippery slope and can not watch it head in that direction.  

My opinion is that what made America great was the deep and natural distrust Americans has had for big government. Throughout the years, those with the balls to rock the boat changed America - sometimes for the worst, lots of times for the better. Most of the benefits that Americans enjoy today are the result of some unhappy camper rocking the boat and changing the country. I think America would still be a third world country if it consisted only of the love it or leave it flag wavers.

If you look at history - everything from veteran's rights, social security, labor laws, environmental laws, and so forth was the result of people who thought the current establishment wasn't good enough. Some decided to change it. Some were even persecuted for it. But a handful of them saw the changes through. Frankly, I prefer a new generation who continues to challenge authority. They're the one's who will keep America on the leading edge.

As for me, there are lots of benefits to maintaining US citizenship - lots of rights fought for by those who challenged the authority of an imperfect country. Living in the Phils or Oz or Russia or wherever doesn't mean anything. It's just where you live and where the opportunities you want are found. Lots of benefits (and disadvantages) to living in the Phils. On my balance sheet of good and bad, the Phils still comes up on top. It's a global and electronic world society now ... being stuck to national boundaries and brick and mortar is the past.

I'm one of them creatures not likely to ever return home. Not pro or anti-establishment. The best opportunities in life for me are right here and right now. Simple as that. I be a happy clam and smart enough to know it. For everyone else, you go and find your own clam shell and enjoy it - wherever that may be.

The final word for this was said exactly how it should be said:

Staying on the right side of the Law here, is really about keeping your nose clean, not upsetting the wrong people, and living a low profile lifestyle.  It also helps if you know the right people of course.  Fact is, most of the assh*les I've come across in SE Asia are from the West.  Because, God knows, idiots can be exported.

Tim Potter 

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