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Philippine Internet Dating

two people sharing a moment of internet love

Phenom Philippine Internet Love

I belong to many different Forums and Bulletin Boards all dealing with subject of living here in the Philippines.  There are many reoccurring topics that always seem to come up.  Many tend to lead to the struggles of the new relationship.  There is also that constant question of if I should or have to support the family.  You need to understand first Families in the Philippines.   So follow that link and read that first.

Getting back to these dating sites and people that frequent them looking for love and relationships that seem to elude them in their home countries.   With these sites the world has gotten much smaller and people can communicate with people from all over the world.

 Thus they lead to this phenom what I call Philippine Internet Love.  

People fail to realize a few things when the journey down this road.  The first is the vast cultural difference  between the countries.   The Philippines is nothing like the US.  They operate, socialize and communicate 100% different.  The second thing is the Philippines is extremely poor.  Poverty strikes in all social classes here in the Philippines.  This failure leads to many issues of support of families and support of the extended families.   Again read the Families in the Philippines as that will give you are greater understanding.

The other thing that I have found is people are taking shortcuts to really getting to know someone.  They are not spending actual time with this person.  When I say actual time, what you do on a day to day basis.  Coming here for a 2 week vacation or spending 3 weeks here at a shot is not telling.  You are relaxing and enjoying life.  It is a vacation and not reality.  Reality is sitting at home on Wednesday night watching TV and maybe with a pizza.  Can you and her be happy with just those quite moments alone?

I am not saying that people do not have successful internet relationships.  As there are many out there that have had that success.  What I am saying is there will be difficulties as you adjust to normal life. People can get on the webcam or internet for one hour a day and be anything they want.  They can fake life and fake what is actually happening.  That is a little harder when you see that person daily and spend actually physical time with a person.  That does not involve a vacation where things and enjoyment have no limits.

I will convey a recent posting about a gentleman in the US.  In October of 2012 he had begun to explorer the world of internet dating.  He talked of things to make a recent contact happy and what he should do.  He planned a trip to the Philippines in February of 2013.  Fast Forward this to March of 2013.  He is now married for several weeks after his internet romance and is having problems.  His problems revolve around supporting of the family and he is not sending enough.   This highlights my issue of how well did they know the circumstances surrounding each other.  Did she understand his financial situation and he hers?   When dealing with a Third World romance it should be an issue discussed.  It should be discussed in any relationship however the impact here could be greater.  So my real question was; Is he really in love or in love with the fact of being in love.

There are no shortcuts in life.  You are trying to build something for the future and not just tomorrow. You are are laying down the building blocks to a life together.  If you take shortcuts or skip over the fundamentals of a Friend first and lover second.  Then you will have problems.   There is nothing better then spending days doing nothing.  Sitting around in those quite moments to just enjoy each other.  Boots on the ground here is the only way you can do that.  However many can not because of life.  So take it slow and not be pressured.  If it is to happen it will happen.  Rushing a life long commitment can cause it to end before it ever had a chance to start.

Please share or like.  Give me a little feed back on your experiences.

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