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Philippine Bubble Man

Tim potter Philippines Bubble Man

 What is up with people and there warped sense of reality.

I have lived in the Philippines for the past 6 years and people still amaze me.  I belong to several internet forums and groups.  People that are planning to come here and live build this sense of a grandiose life and that the troubles of the worlds do not exist here. 
There is this constant comparing of the Philippines to the US.  They compare the city life in the US to the city life in the Philippines.  When you can not even compare.   However for the sake of arguing lets do a comparison.  Los Angeles County which is more populous then 42 states and Metro Manila (NCR Region).  So I will start with something simple.  Population Los Angeles County has 10 Million people and population density of  800 per sq km.  Metro Manila has a population of 11.5 million people and population density of 16,000 per sq km.  This type of population in a small compact area leads to crime, poverty, theft and poor services.  Compare if you will yet there is nothing to compare.

What I have found over the years is that if you are looking for city life and want a cheap inexpensive city there are better option the world over.   The true beauty of the Philippines is not found in the cities but the more rural remote locations.  There is a cost when you move out to these areas.  However if you are looking for beaches, parks and fresh air.  These are the places.  Not in the cities where population over run has affected everything.  

If you are a person that bores easily and can not find happiness in the simple things then this type of living may not be for you.  Yet the province is a place where you can kick your feet up read a good book or just talk with neighbors.   It has a feel of small town America to it.  This relocation to the province is not one to take lightly.  As simple services are just not available or of poor quality.  Internet, Phone, Hospitals, Grocery stores (that cater to western needs) are all lacking when you step out there.  They are adequate yet not optimal.  So you must be committed to this new life.  

For all those that say that Cebu or Manila are no better then major US cities is hog wash.  This is a third world country and it is that way for many reasons.  They are over populated, polluted and dirty.  So before you step off the plane you should know what life is going to be like.  There are many that have made choices to live there in the cities and will tell you a different story.  These are your Philippine Bubble man who justify that decision.   So come enjoy life but know what you are getting into with a third world country.  

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