NBI Clearance Experience Cebu

Today my wife Zol and I visited Philippine National Bureau of Investigation. (NBI)

Tim Potter's Wife NBI certificate
We had a plan when we headed out of the house that we we would get her NBI clearance and the head over to Philippine Commission on Filipinos Overseas.   Now both of these office are required prior to getting a Philippine passport.  So this is a must have for Filipinos to immigrate to another country.  Well to say the least we only managed to get the NBI completed.

So we arrived at Robinson's Cyber Gate Mall Cebu City Philippines at 9:00am and received a number to wait in line.  The office opens at 9:00am sharp.   Well we got our number and it was 210 for the day and we were informed to come back at 1:00pm as they would begin the process of clearing the numbers for the day.  Well it is not worth a trip home and back to the mall so we strolled around the mall for next 4 hours waiting and waiting.  Then at 1:00pm we arrived back and were instructed to take a seat.  Now this may not seem to bad.  There was about 10 of us waiting.  However little did we know that there was another 100 people in another area that had not been cleared from the morning session.  So as NBI feverishly worked to clear those from the morning we sat on the benches with the other 130 other people waiting to get cleared.

How this works is they take you 50 at a time up stairs to the third floor.   Where they finger print you and take a photo.  So 2:00pm passed us by and then it was pushing 3:00pm and finally it was our turn to head up the stairs.   Once you arrive up the stairs theu go over the form and how to fill out the form.  They instruct you of every single block.  They cover what IDs are acceptable and such. (CLICK HERE for FAQ)  After that process they line up for station one where you go and pay.  After you pay you are instructed to take a seat back in the same order.  Then one by one they encode all your information into the computer.  They take a picture and all 10 finger prints digitally.  Now it is just a process of waiting this out till the print the final sheet.   This process took about 90 mins and we headed back out the door and NBI complete at 4:30pm today.

Silly me for even considering I could actually complete CFO and NBI in the same day.   So tomorrow we are off to the CFO office at 630 am to get a number as there are only 27 seats for the entire Philippines.  They open at 9:00 am.  Report to come tomorrow.


Jonathan Watson said...

Good on Ya Tom. I went thru that process with my wife here also. It sure is a long process. We now live in Guam as we finally got the visa for my wife. The worst part was going to manila for the "interview". It was more like a physical at the clinic near the Embassy, where the wife got a battery of shots as required to get the visa. Good luck and keep up the good work.
Jonathan www.aqua-marine-services.com

Tim Potter said...

Thanks we just hope to get to the Embassy sooner then later.

Anonymous said...

Yes is that true, the issuing of NBI clearance in cebu main ( Escario st.) before and today is the same, very hard and difficult to wait almost 6 hrs.(huh)The number every day the quota is 1000 people to accomodate from the morning until afternoon.the problem is the poor facilities, the comfort room, the space of the people fall in line in standing position, imagine you standing about 6 hours in the middle of the day and hot condition.the question is where did the money goes our paid money for NBI clearance 115 pesos per person multiply by 1000 quota per day, about 1,150,000 pesos net per day.