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Free Communication Calls USA

Make free Calls to the US and to your loved one anytime.

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Over the years it has gotten cheaper and less expensive to communicate with loved ones.  The internet has made it easy to make low cost and free calls to loved ones.  Since I am from the USA this post will regard calling the USA for cheap.  Yet many other countries offer the same deals.  So how do I call the US for no money and talk all I want.  Also what do I use for text messaging the USA for free.

Well love them or hate them I use Google Voice.  This is a excellent way to call your loved ones.  It is a Voice over Internet Protocol that uses Google chat.   Now there are way you can use this that are very simple to do.  It is best to set up your Google Voice prior to leaving the USA and it is free to do.  However if you fail to do that.  Here is a way you can set this up right here in the Philippines.  For those in the US just skip this part.

  1.  First you will need to download Spotflux (this is a VPN) it has zero adware and spyware so you get a USA IP address.
  2.  You will need to download whistle phone and set up an account with whistle phone.  This will give you a USA phone number
  3. You will now need to clear your browser and cache. 
  4. Start Spotflux
  5. Start Whistle Phone.
  6. Navigate to Google Voice sign-up for an account.
  7. Once you have signed up for an account you will then set your Whistle Phone as your call back number
  8. It will then ring your phone and you now have a Google Voice account and a ring back number.  
  9. You can unistall Whistle Phone and Spotflux.

Now that you have done that what can you do with it?  

Google Chat showing how to make free calls
Well right from your Gmail you can make calls.  It really gets better.  They are free and zero charge to you minus the internet connection fee you have.
Also by going to the Google Voice on the web you can then send free text messages and receive free text messages.   Yet this feature is going to be free all the way to the end of 2013.  Just as it has been since the start of 2010.  

Now what do I do when I want to make calls and receive text messages.   

I use an app called GrooveIp with my smart phone.   Now this is so simple to use and is available to Android users.  The calls can be made over Wifi or 3G.  Then I set my Google Voice to forward my text message to a smart mail box that I set up.  Now this costs me 200 pesos a month yet I never miss a text message.    I get all my text messages and all my voice mails set to my Philippine Cell phone just as if they were back home.     That is the easy way to set this up.   Follow the set-up guide in the app.

The best way to use this is with a PBX.

Again this is not that difficult to setup.  I used a program call Sipdroid on my Android phone.   What this did was allow me to use the PBX and a Codec or compression of voice so that it transmits better over 3G network.  What Sipdroid does is allow you to set up a PBX that is free of charge.   Then after it is all set up I wrote down the configurations.  Then I download CSip Simple.  That gives me the option to change a few codecs.  Here is the set up for CSip Simple after you have downloaded Sipdroid and set it up.  Just use the basic setup and follow this guide:

Username yourname-200
your pbxes pw
domain leave empty
username caller id leave empty
port 5060
protocol tcp

That is it now you can registrar you account and off to the races.  What I have found with extensive testing is that I changed the Codec to Speex. I did this on both the high and low side as I found it just gave the best quality overall.  

Here is the easy way to do that.  Just go to the setting in CSip Simple.  Then go to Media then codec. Now select the speex codec.  This is a lower bandwidth compression for voice over IP.  There you are done.

Enjoy making those free calls over the internet to the USA.  

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