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CFO Experience Cebu

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Prior to Filipinos getting a passport they must complete a class from the Commission of Filipinos Overseas (CFO). 

The CFO office (Click here for CFO website) is fairly easy to find in Cebu Philippines.  It is located directly across from San Pedro Park or Independence Park.  We arrived at the CFO office at 7:00 am as there are only 12 slots for the entire Cebu and Mindanao region.  We sat in the CFO office with a number from 7-10 till our number was finally called.  At 10:00 we received the papers to complete the application and registration.  We were asked for the documents to file for the registration at this time.  You are required to have two valid IDs and either a Passport or NBI clearance.  This gives you a total of three valid ids required to registrar for the class.  You must have copies of all three IDs that you will use. They have no facilities to make copies so be prepared.   The form is very hard to make out who goes where and what goes where.  Saving you the issue Petitioner is not the person that is registering for the class.   That is the spouse or fiancee.

We completed the registration portion and had to wait for pictures.  After this point they then take an hour for lunch and inform you to come back after lunch.  The spouse or fiancee is not invited to come back after lunch.  They informed me that class takes about 3 hours to complete so arrive back at 4:00pm to pick up your significant other.   That is exactly what I did however they were not done.  So I sat outside and just waited.  The classes ended at 5:00pm and they still had an interview to be completed.  This goes based on your number when you arrived.  We were number 8 of the 12 and had to wait for that to be completed.   The interview had no worries it was a painless process and completed fairly easily.  Some additional documents were required so it is best to have those documents when you arrive.   My wife was asked for my divorce decree, and pictures of our wedding.   We have a spousal visa or direct counselor filling.   Those with other types of visas were required to prove a relationship.  They were required to show additionally proof.  She completed this around 7:30pm and we had to wait another 30 mins for the release of the document.   So then we were off and to the house with the CFO document in hand.

I am not sure what happen and can only speculate so take this for what it is.  Speculation.  There was a female that arrived just prior to us.  Completed the class and then went to the interview.  When she left the interview she was in tears.  Crying and really upset and stormed out of the building.  She did not stay to receive the last steps of getting the CFO document.  So this signaled to me that this is not just silly requirement and can have a serious impact on if and when you go to that other country.

So 12 hours and much waiting and sitting we were done with the next step in this long drawn out process.

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