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Where's the Beef

Tim Potter Beef from shop wise

Philippine Hamburgers

Getting a good hamburger in the Philippines can be a chore.  Being a Texas boy, beef is like white on rice and served at every meal.  I have tried all the prepackage burgers.  Lets say disappointment would be underestimate of how I felt.  They resemble more of reconstituted cardboard then an actual meat product.  Do not allow that picture on the cover fool you. It tastes and looks nothing like that.
Not good burgers in Philippines
Well the first of the month rolled around and I just had a hankering for a good burger.  So I was at the local Philippine Shopwise and they had ground sirloin.  With all skepticism in the world I grabbed a kilo.  This seemed expensive and after 5 years I am a little disconnected with US prices.  The cost was was 365 pesos a kilo or  $3.97 a pound.  Leave a comment below with prices, get me back in touch.

Back to my burger.  The meat was almost zero fat and held barely together.  Fried up some onions and glazed to perfection, sliced tomatos, ketchup and mustard   No buns, so broke out the square wonder bread.  The moment of truth as I stare at this.  Oh wow it was actually the best burger I have had in years.  Meat was just awesome and had a nice flavor.  Way to go Shopwise,  will do that again.
Now any Texan knows its not complete without fries.  This area I seem to be out of luck.  The potatos here are about the size of a lemon and just way to expensive.  How I wished for some double cooked steak fries.  Specialty of my Dad.  Yet I was stuck with frozen potato product in the shape of fries.  Added the beans and I had my meal. 

Well there is the hamburger experience.

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