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Valentines with the Wife

Valentines day here in the Philippines.

Tim Potter Philippines via sugar land
Tim Potter and Zol
Tim Potter Philippine Beach
Tim Potter
Tim Potter Philippine sky line with zolThought I (Tim Potter) would share the story of my wife and I.  So many people come to the Philippines in a hurry kind of way and get married.  Yet that is not the way it all came to be for my wife and I.  I (Tim Potter) was getting ready to leave the country and head back to Sugar Land Texas after few bad decisions and a little bad luck. I was hopping around on Facebook and Shelia who was a friend hit me up for a chat.  She was telling about this girl in Toledo Philippines and how I really needed to meet her.  At this point I was really not in a meeting kind of mood but agreed to meet her.  The date was Jan 10th and I drove over the mountain to Toledo to meet Zol.  The thing was I did not catch on to the nickname of Zol for a very long time.  So I just called her Marisol.  I wondered at first why every one looked at me strange.  Yet after meeting her I decided I need to spend a little more time with Zol.  So we dated for a month with me traveling back and forth over the Mountain.   After a 21 days of this traveling back and forth I decided that I should just move to the other side of the Mountain.  So I moved to Balamban which is about 14 Km from Toledo. However every single day I would travel that distance to see her and spend time with her.  We spent the next 4 months together as I traveled  back and forth.  We got engaged to be married at the beginning of April and were married on May 6th.  There is even a story to that.  We were suppose to get married a week earlier however the paper from the Philippine Government was delayed.  They somehow forgot to submit it.  So it pushed out our date.  Now this seems to be a wonderful date to get married as on that day this year my parents would have been married for 46 years.
  Three years ago today I got Zol a stuff animal and two chocolate lollipops.  However I love her more today then I ever did back then.  It seems to grow with every passing day.  Lot has changed in those three years and we both seem to grow.  But one this for sure I love her more now then I could have ever imagined the day I first said it.

So happy Valentines day to one and all.

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