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TV Sports and More While Abroad


Does not matter if you are in the Philippines or any Global location you can watch your favorite shows.

When I first moved to the Philippines I realized that I was missing out on TV to pass the time.  All my favorite police shows and just some regular mindless entertainment to pass the time.  I explored many way to obtain these shows.  I even wrote a program that allowed you to watch shows.  Sometimes it all seemed just to difficult to make it happen.  Being an American and living in the US I wanted an option that I could watch Hulu, CBS, Netflix and the likes.  Yet I wanted it simple.  I began to explore various options that are available  to me.

Image representing hulu as depicted in CrunchBase
Image representing Netflix as depicted in Crun...
The first option was USTV Now.  It is a website that is dedicated to live streaming of TV shows.  It gives you the free to air channels (ABC,NBC, FOX, CW and PBS) all free.  Then for a price you can get a DVR to record them and playback later.  It also has an option to get some of the premium channels again there is a cost for that service.  

The other option I find most appealing is using a VPN (virtual private network).  This will give you a location in the US and you are able to watch Hulu, Netflixs and CBS and much other content.  The problem with a VPN is they cost money.  However I have found in this article a way you can get a VPN for free.  

I was able this past weekend to watch the Super Bowl and looking forward to the NBA, Nascar, and MLB come the spring.  Plus I never miss an episode of Criminal Minds.

So enjoy.

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