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Raising Children in Philippines

Happy Children Playing Kids

Philippines very non-child friendly country

One of my main reasons for wanting to return Sugar Land Texas is the children.  The Philippines is just not a friendly place when you have children.

Everything in the Philippines takes all that much longer to accomplish.  

Nothing is done in a hurry and there never seems to be a rush.  However when you have children there is always a rush to get things. done. I will give you just a few examples:

We were traveling from Elizabeth Mall Cebu to our home in Bulacao Philippines.  Now this journey is about 12 miles or 20 Km.  This little trip took just over an hour to complete in a taxi.  There was a funeral in the middle of the road at 4pm on Tuesday.  So all the traffic was dead stopped.  A trip that was in and out of a store and only suppose to be one bottle.  Turns into a camp out on the South Road.  The main through fare through Cebu Philippines.

Now Grocery shopping is always fun when you have children.  Yet in the Philippines the "F" in fun stands for frustrating.  You have a shopping buggy that does not fit down the aisles.  See instead of what normal stores do and stock at night.  They do this during all times of the day.  So your choice is to leave the buggy at the start of the aisle with your two young children or skip the aisle.  Additionally they make zero consideration for buggies and the aisles are packed with promo items and displays.  So making this a one way affair to begin with.   

The next issue is the school system here and how poorly children are taught.

Just to make this very clear.  The Philippines has just under 100 Million people and has a population one third the size of the USA.   Despite this they have zero universities in the top 500 in the world.  That should start as an alarming figure.  Lets look at the schools; They only attend school for 10 years not the normal 12 years.  The recent change which will be fully implemented by 2016 unless (which of course there will be) will be 12 years of school.  Also lets consider a few things about the schools.  1. No lunch or breakfast is served 2. 50 students per class is the average size 3. Student go to school either 7am - 3pm or 3pm-10pm. 4. Books are shared between 3 and 4 students. 5. School session is 180 days a year take out the holidays and celebrations and time off amounts to less then 120 days a year.  I could go on and on about the educational programs.  However the point is made.

Sports and children recreational activities

Street children in Cebu (Philippines).

There are very few if any depending on where you live.  There are no sports leagues for soccer baseball or any other leagues for children.  It is a just not a priority in a country that lives hand to mouth.  Additionally there are no parks for the children to play and just be children.  You will children playing in the streets.  You will see marching bands practicing in the street or small parking lots.  There is nothing for children to do.  It is a society where children stay home and play.  This lack of extra activity is hard on parents and there should be things to do and see for children.  Yet there is very little for them.  

So for this alone has given me enough to decide that I need to pack my bags from Cebu Philippines and head back to Sugar Land Texas.  

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