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Pulled Pork Philippine Style

No Philippine home is complete without a Bottle of Swan Sauce Vinegar.

Philippine Pulled Pork Sandwich
So I decided I would attempt to make some North Carolina BBQ.   Now I was not able to cook my Pork Tenderloin on a open pit of hickory.  So I just did the best I could with a few Coconut Husks and some sticks from behind my home.   Once the meat was cooked to perfection.
 I needed the sauce which is the overall flavor for this dish in the making.

So I just had to guess and go with what my taste remembered it being like.  

So here is what I added to my Philippine NC BBQ sauce

I then had one cup of Vinegar
Ground red pepper enough to cover the top of the vinger in my measuring cup.
5 good dashes of tobasco sauce
2 chopped very fine banana peppers
3 dashes of liquid smoke
3 table spoons of honey ( would prefer molasses yet none to be had)
2 table spoons of brown sugar
3 Table spoons ketchup
Small dash of mustard (very small)
Couple of shakes of salt and pepper

I then put that in a sauce pan and brought it to a very slow boil.  Once it began to bubble it was off to the fridge.  Now back to my tenderloin.  I cut the meat length wise with the grain of the meat and took a fork then pulled it making it just ever so stringy.    After my bottle of sauce was chilled and the meat sufficiently pulled.  I was off to give this a try.   Well lets just say it was as good as I remember and was excellent on  bread.  Now the wife was intrigued  by this wild looking sauce and pork.  Yet she loved it as she mixed it with her rice.  Tangy, Sweet, Spicy, and the meat was smokey.  What more for dinner on a budget.

When in the Philippines you have to give it a go.  As King;s North Carolina BBQ is not just around the corner.

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