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Philippine Variety TV

Sonny & Cher
Cover of Sonny & Cher

Is the Philippines TV stuck in early 1970's

I am child of the television and I love to watch TV.  I enjoy the good dramas that the US has produced in recent years.  I love shows that get your juices flowing and suspense packed drama.  I also enjoy some of the reality shows of late. Such as American idol however the part I enjoy more then anything are the auditions to the show.   They seem to capture a funny side of people and the funny side of life.  

This is where the Philippines seems to be stuck.

I watch daytime TV and it is one uneducated person after another on TV not realizing the world is laughing not really with them but at them.  Then you have daytime TV where they glamorize poverty.  They are always going to the homes of the poor and giving away free food and gifts.  It never ends there it always has grandma crying about how she missed that or other tragedy that be fall on their life.  It is not stop variety from that to amateur hour where they have some of the worse singers and dancer come on stage.   This is a country of 90 million people.  I have see the talent in the streets, clubs and on youtube.  Yet these shows can never seem to find them.  It is not only that but they are just plumb full of advertising from Rexona, Whisper, or some hair product you should try. It seems to take me back to the Gong Show, Greatest American Hero, Sonny and Cher and The Newlywed Game.   Where they would have a diamond in the rough but more then not it was comical entertainment to laugh at these people.  

The Newlywed Game
The Newlywed Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Watching Prime Time not all that much better

Last night I watch Pinoys Got Talent.  This was the audition round and there just was not anything good about it.  There were three Gay Men dressed as women that actually looked like women.  Then they sang like men.  It was more shocking and alarming then entertaining.  They could sing yet I was lost in the whole appearance.  Besides that you had a guy with a big hulu hoop that danced with it.  He was found to be very talented.  Yet I found it just average and actually would have never made it through on America or Britian Got Talent.  So where is all the talent because I have seen it and I know they are out there.  Why in this the country of the Philippines do they not show up for these shows.  It is not the first time I have watched the show and the winner Jovan a few seasons ago could really sing.  

More on the Prime TV

There is an absence of any dramas on TV.  They are either Korean dramas (soap opera) or some sorta mystical creature type show.  They have Captain Barbell and Dwarfina though both have ended and replaced by another similar show.  These shows run daily and are not once a week shows.   What are lacking are Dramas and Sitcoms.  They all evolve around being a soap opera with very bad acting.  They should be able to escape the duldrums of the 1970s and enter the new age.   TV has evolved since then and shows have also.  Yet not here in the Philippines.  


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