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Philippine Internet Connection

English: PLDT and Smart Zamboanga City main Branch

What are the internet options available in the Philippines.


In today's world people want to know what internet options are available to them in the Philippines.  Internet is the way people can make Calls, Watch TV, Catch up on news and reconnect with long lost friends. The Philippines has many options that are available to you at a range of cost and availability.  You have DSL, Wifi, 4G and 3G.  However the carriers are very limited and who you can use.  The coverage and reliability depend solely on your location here.  

So lets get to it.     

1.  You have three major carriers of Internet in the Philippines.  PLDT, Globe and Sun.  

2.  All three of the above offer 3G dongles that can plug into your computer and you can avail of similar rates for all three services.  999 pesos (25 dollars) for unlimited service for 30 days.  You will connect at speeds of 2Mb to 5Mb depending on contract or if you go prepaid service.  4G service is available for Globe and Pldt in selected areas.  

3. DSL is available from both Globe and PLDT.   This again is available in selected areas and the cost is 999 pesos of 2Mb connection.  

4. Fixed Air antenna.  This is available from PLDT and Globe they use either the 3G or 4G network.  The speed and price are consistent with the above stated prices.  

5. Different areas of the Philippines have all kinds of off shoot companies.  Yet the major providers are stated above.  You can go to selected areas and find what is best in that area.  

My recommendations on what to use.

Tim Potter Philippines sitting on Beach
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I (Tim Potter ) have lived here for 5 years and used almost all of the above.  What I (Tim Potter) recommed is the the following:

1.  If you are traveling then I would get the Smart (PLDT) 3G dongle.  This is going to give you the best coverage in most areas.  

2. I (Tim Potter) have had Globe DSL and Pldt Dsl.  PLDT had the best coverage and lower outage rate.  So I prefer Pldt over Globe in this area.  Now depending on where you live will determine if the coverage of DSL is available. 

3.  I (Tim Potter) have also had the roof top antenna for both Globe and Pldt (Smart).  I again prefer smart over Globe.  Both were very good and both did not give me issue with outage.  However Globe has a strict cap on usage.  So when you reach that cap you are essentially turned off.  

So to summarize the options and my preferred methods.

I (Tim Potter) would always go DSL, Roof Top and Dongle in that order then as follows:

3G Donlge

  1. Smart (PLDT)
  2. Globe 
  3. Sun


  1. PLDT 
  2. Globe

Roof Top

 1. Smart (PLDT)
 2. Globe