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Philippine Transportation Experience

First hand account of getting from Cebu Philippines to Toledo Philippines.

Tim Potter Philippines from Sugar Land
Pictures of Zol and I

Tim Potter from Sugar Land Photos and the likes

I thought I would give you the first hand account of how I traveled and the accurate cost to travel these distances.   

We left the house around 8 am and headed down the hill.  We live up about 1 Km from the south road.  Which is the main road that connects all of Cebu Philippines.  Once we arrived down it was easy to flag down a bus.  The buses will pull over almost any where to allow people to board and get on.  Now the bus has no air conditioned and was fairly old.   The bus had to stop for diesel and fill the water tank.  I know you are going to ask what the water tank is for.  We are traveling over the mountain to Toledo Philippines.  They have a system where the water leeches onto the breaks to prevent hot brakes.  If hot bakes become present on the bus it will be unable to stop as the peddle gets spongy.   
A Philippine Rabbit bus preparing for departur...
. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After this brief stop we continued on our journey picking up passengers along the way.   We also picked up people selling everything from hard boiled eggs to juice.   This is about a 60 mile journey over the mountain and from our location.  The cost was fairly low at 60 pesos per person and took about 90 mins to complete the journey to Toledo Philippines.  

Filipino tricycle
Once we arrived in Toledo we had to go a little bit further to the province that her family was located in.  This was another 20 miles down the road.   Since I was traveling with the whole family I decided to get a tricycle and do a special so it is just us on the tricycle.  This is commonly known as a Pacquiao named for the famous boxer and national hero Manny Pacquiao.  This part of the journey was 180 pesos.  How that is calculated is a Tricycle has 6 seats.  You must pay the going rate to the destination for all 6 seats.  

So we arrived and attended the wake for our Aunt and were treated very well.  

Doing the same thing in reverse to get to the Bus terminal.  When we arrived there we took a V-hire to return to Cebu.  This is a little more expensive however when you travel with 2 kids and bags it makes for a situation.  The cost from the bus terminal in Toledo to Cebu City Philippines is 100 pesos of $2.50 per person.  I did not want to be all crammed into the V-hire so I purchased extra seats.  The children under two can ride on your lap.  However I purchased 4 seats.  Thus we rode back in comfort and a little room for the children to stretch out.   Bad news for us was the Air Conditioning about 3/4 way through on the V-hire broke.  Lucky it was a cloudy day and the heat was not that bad.  No refunds or anything for this lack of service it is just grin and bear it.   

Once we arrived in the terminal there are porters everywhere.  I know most people think this is a bother.  They hound you as soon as you get off the V-hire or bus.  However for Zol and  I and the two kids it is a God send.  They grabbed all the bags and strollers and carried them to the taxi stand.  In addition loaded them in the Taxi for us.  Also since most vehicles are LPG they are unable to make the climb to the house.  So we needed a Gasoline Taxi.  The porter also went and flagged down a proper taxi for us.  He did all this for 40 pesos or 1 dollar.  I could have given much less yet it was worth every peso to me.   I had the exact same service in Toledo as they loaded up the Tricycle and helped us get off the bus.  So it was just awesome.  

So there you have a first hand account using several forms of transportation in the Philippines.  


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