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Is the Philippines Behind the Times

Philippine Telecommunications not keeping up.

 Globe Telecom logo.
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There is a article in the newspaper today about a start-up company that was using Globe Telecom Philippines to make international calls.  First let me say if the law is written as it is then all should abide by that law.  Yet are the laws behind the present time.

Sun Star article We Talk Direct Closed

As normal the papers are lacking a lot of details regarding this company and its agreement with Globe Telecom Philippines.  However lets just go on what we do know based on the article. 

1. We Talk Direct Charged 1 peso (2.3 cents) a min to call the US
2. Globe Telecom Philippines charges 15 peso (40 cents) a min to call the US
3. Fair use policy for Globe internet prohibits using internet to make Voice over Internet Protocol calls.

we talk direct company logo
We talk direct
Now based on the article what happen was an incoming call from overseas were captured by the servers here in the Philippines.  Then using a switch they routed those calls out from there using Globe Telecom lines.  They were avoiding the high international rate to call the Philippines by using on the ground technology. Then getting here was was done via Session Internet Protocol (SIP).  So when you called the only charge was by We Talk Direct.  Actually cutting Globe out of the loop for payment of calls.  They sold international calling cards to people so they could call the Philippines via a local number in their home countries and then route them here.  Now the return trip worked in the exact same manner.  You called the servers at We Talk Direct and then they routed that number to country of destination.  Now they did this via two methods local numbers and via SIP calling.    Where you purchased a starter kit that included a sip phone. 

This where I say that the laws are out dated and not keeping up with the times.  If a company can use existing technology and make a profit at 1 Peso a min.   Then why is the consumer paying 15 pesos a min to make the exact same call.  If Globe was for the people they would embrace this and it should open up competition in the Philippines.  Yet instead they imprisoned these people and charged them with a crime.  The problem is that there are only two companies that offer home phone service PLDT and Globe.  They are also your main providers of internet service.  So they have eliminated the competition.  Hopefully with the millions of Over Seas Foreign  they will stand up to this and demand change.  Because the time is changing and Globe needs to change with the times.  

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