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Gun Control in the Philippines

Gun laws fail safety test: Greens
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Gun Control is it really preventing murders

With the recent events unfolding in the US concerning gun control I thought I would weigh in on my thoughts.  First let me explain I am all for the second amendment.  I believe that an individual has the right to bear and carry a firearm.  The current background checks and other checks to prevent ownership of weapons should if enforced properly be enough.  I do draw my limit on size and quantity of ammunition a weapon can hold but not on the style of weapon.  As a weapon of any style can do the same damage.  So where does that leave us.  With having to make back ground checks and other internal checks work.  The Government is so dysfunctional that agency A does not talk to agency B during these checks.  So it does not work.

Now getting to the Philippines.  Which has some of the harshest gun laws.  I am providing a list of things you will need to get a gun:

First you need 7 2"x2" photos and 1 1"x1"
Then you need all these supporting documents 

Supporting Documents

b. Residence Certificate 
c. Any valid ID
d. Proof of Citizenship (for foreign sounding names)
e. Local clearances (Police, Court, Mayor)
f. Directorate of Intelligence Clearance (can be obtained from the local or provincial Police)
g. Drug test
h. Neuro test ( Mental Test)
i. Must have undergone Gun Safety Seminar – usually conducted by the National Range Officer Institute, the PNP, or any registered Gun club
j. Gun Club Certificate

This is just to get a hand gun.   

maguindanao massacre
maguindanao massacre
Now this type of registration of weapons did not stop the Massacre of journalist in Mindanao.  Where 58 people lost their life. Nor has it prevented the senseless killing here in the Philippines.   Currently their are 88 guns for every 100 citizens of the US.  In the Philippines there are 4.7 guns per every 100.  Yet despite that the homicide rate in the Philippines is much higher related to gun violence. This is not to including the insurgency problem in Mindanao   Reference 

So why is this the case?  There are less guns there should be less gun violence.  It goes back to my entire premise that you can create a million laws.  The only people that will follow are law abiding citizens.  Criminals will always find a way to get a weapon to commit an act of violence.   You can not solve the problem by looking at the result.  You need to look at the why and the why is not the laws but the people.  

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