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Double Tragedy strikes

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Funeral in the Philippines

Been a little absent from my regular blogs and thought I would tell you about the events that unfolded the last few day.  My wife's Aunt passed away after a long illness with a heart condition.  She was a lovely lady.  She wanted to see the children prior to her death and we were unable to visit.  A huge regret on our part.  We headed over the mountain to Toledo Philippines about a 90 min bus ride.  The trip over was relatively uneventful and struggle as we trekked the kids down the 1 Km hill to the south road and flagged down the bus.   In typical Philippine fashion and Catholic tradition the body lie in wake for a period of 5 days.  We were treated with the best Filipino courtesy   They of course had plenty of food and even gave a very nice room to stay the night.   The Priest was there and he gave a traditional mass and condolences to the family and loved ones.   The ceremony was just awesome and gave a lot of comfort to those that were grieving.

After the this they began the celebration of her life.  

People talking and just enjoying the memories of her.     Again plenty of food and drinks for all that attended.  Later as the party was winding down a disagreement between my Wife's cousin and another man turned into a fight that resulted in a trip to the emergency room.  The emergency room discharged him after a brief exam.  Where her cousin then went to the Police.  While at the police station he collapsed and died from internal injuries a result of the fight.

Why do I talk about this.

Because I have believed that the hospital care is inadequate here in the Philippines.  It is based on greed and not actual care.  He was allowed to leave and was not examined properly by the emergency room.  This is a problem for the poor here in this country.  If they arrive without money to the hospital your fate is then beyond your control.  Just a sad event for all and a tragedy that could and should have been prevented.  If you think being an expat will prevent this tragedy or assumptions of wealth are made.  Think again and read my topic on health care system.

So my prayers are with those families tonight, may God bless them all.

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