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American Idol 3 Filipinos 2013

American Idol logo 2008–2011
American Idol logo 2008–2011 

3 Filipinos make the top 40 of American Idol.

Today as I am going through the local papers I read 3 Filipinos make the top 40 of American Idol.  ( Front Page ) Wonderful then I come to read further none of them ever lived in the Philippines.  So it shocking in a way that this is headline news.  This is a country of 90 million people or 1/3 the size of the US.  It is a country that has many great potentials yet never seems to realize them.  It seems as though people are grasping at straws here.  They want something to associate the world to Philippines.  There is nothing wrong with Filipino pride and having it. Though  I ask myself where is the home grown talent.  Why are the homegrown products not producing on the world stage.  

The movie poster Metro Manila
It goes back to the limit potential on people here.  Everything is monopolized by the Television Companies that own the movies, papers and own the radio.  There are very few choices to nurture these talents.  I even looked at the recent film Metro Manila which won at Sundance Film Festival  for best film, audience award.  So I dove a little deeper into that.  It was written by a British, Directed by a British, Produced by the British.  So to give the film the authentic taste and feel they filmed it here using Filipino actors.  So why was this a Filipino Film because it had a few actors from the Philippines and filmed here?  The thing is that even the Government of the Philippines recognized this lack of talent that is making the world stage.  In June of 2002 they enacted a bill to promote this and help raise the talent level of the Philippines.  " AN ACT CREATING THE FILM DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL OF THE PHILIPPINES, DEFINING ITS POWERS AND FUNCTIONS, APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES"

If I look at it this way my Father is British born and lived there.  I have relatives I have never met there.  If I made the top 40 of American Idol would I even be in the papers let alone the the front page?  No worries on that American Idol there is not a bucket big enough for me to carry a note. However is there so little positives in peoples lives they cling to the positives or is it this overwhelming sense of pride.  I can say without a doubt Filipinos have a great sense of pride.  The flag is flown and the national anthem is played at malls where people actually stop and respect it.  Yet I still feel that is a combination of both of those factors. It is sad in a country so rich and full of talent.  

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