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Video Humor Filipino Style

Filipinos have a wonderful sense of humor

During my time in the Philippines I have noticed one thing in particular.  They have a wonderful sense of humor.  They can laugh at themselves and just make fun of daily life here.  It is one thing that just never gets old.  With the invention of the internet they can now share that wonderful sense of humor with the world.

Thought I would take a few mins and share a 2 of my favorites from Web.

Mikey Bustos is from Canada and actually was in the top 10 of  Canadian Idol. Now this is his funny rendition of  Gangnam style.   

This second video is just some kids singing on the street.  However the context and what they are singing about is just to funny.   To give the over view of the song.  Sa langit wala ang beer - In heaven there is no beer

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