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Tim Potter Philippines Document Waiting Game

Document Update:

Tim Potter Philippines Marine Usmc Retired NSO Document
Tim Potter Philippines waiting to see this.

Well we completed the entire process with National Statistics Office (NSO) yet we are still awaiting NSO Manila Philippines to send us the corrected document.  This whole process has been two plus years in the making.   They informed us at the beginning of this month it would take 30 days for the Marriage Licence to come back with the corrected name.

So we keep our fingers crossed and pray to St Joesph that soon we will have this in hand.

This was a simple name change two letters crossed.  Yet here we still wait for yet another agency to compete the task.  Lucky for us this will be the last agency then we are off to the races.

This is a word to any future expat or some one who wants to marry in the Philippines.  READ READ READ.  Ensure there are no errors on the documents you are about to sign.

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