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Philippines Pass the Salt, PLEASE.

One thing there is not a shortage of is salt for food in the Philippines. 

English: Crystals of the food additive monosod...

I can say that old Uncle Sam would have a field day with the way they prepare food here.  

Majic Sarap

We add a healthy does of Majic Sarap .  Flavored Salt in a bag.


We add our favorite AJI-NO-MOTO to the dish.  Pure MSG in a package.

Then for good measure we whip this all around in an aluminum wok.

Not exactly what the Surgeon General had in mind for non-cancer causing effects.  

salted fish buwad
However back to the salt.   The food is so heavily salted it is beyond my belief and actually I can not eat food with this much salt.  I was trying for a while yet my ankles swelled up to the size of tree trunks.   So I just had to cut that out of my diet.  One of the Filipino Favorites is Buwad  (Dried salted fish).  I will not begin to describe the smell as a western nose when cooked.  Lets just say my gym locker had a better aroma.

So why is everything so heavily salted.  Going back to my post on poverty.  It is my belief that because of lack of refrigeration.  They salt to food to preserve it for extended periods of time.  Over time and over generation the taste for Salt has become a critical part of food here in the Philippines.  Not only in respect to taste but preservation of food.

Bon Apitit

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