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Philippine Sounds, Boy its loud

I am not sure but everything seems louder in the Philippines.

Loud Philippines

The people here love a good celebration.  Yet when Filipinos celebrate they want the world to know.   The stereo is cranked to the max or should I say the Karaoke Machine is cranked up.  Now it would not be a good Filipino celebration with out Uncle Elmer bolting out a few off key Journey songs.  "I come to you with open arms"

majic sing

It is not just the people but Philippine shops also have this mentality.  As you walk through the Philippine markets you are drowned by the sounds of everyone playing music splitting your ear drums.  After a while you drown this noise out yet for a while you turn around.  

Tim Potter Philippine Rooster
Now I am not sure of the  national Animal of the Philippines but it should be the Rooster.  All Filipinos love this animal.  You will not see homes in the country side with out a few hanging around.  Additionally you will see them tied off in the city or residential areas.  They have a weekly Philippine Cock Fight which seem to draw people by thousands.  Yet the noise prior to them being killed off in the Cock fight.  Is just maddening. When it is dark all is quite and the first signs of light they begin to bellow.  Cock-A-Cock-Doo.  Oh my it is loud.  

Tim Potter Philippine Tokay
Now this friendly looking creature to your right is anything but friendly.  He is also very very loud.  He hangs outside ever single Philippine home and yelps at all hours of the day.  He is a member of the Gecko family yet he is not your friendly type of Gecko.  He will hiss and spit at you if you ever try and catch him.  His name is the ToKay Gecko and that is very appropriate as he will yell ToKay Tokay at all hours.

So just remember when you visit the Philippines they like it loud and they like loud all the time.  

Yet never forget that with the bad comes the good.  This girl sings in the local Philippine mall.  She is amazing ZandeeRose

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