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Philippine Hospitals Pay Before Service

No money No Service Philippine Hospitals


This may seem like a odd concept to a western society and that goes beyond cruel.  

However I will tell you about our recent experience prior to the birth of our second child.  We went to the hospital emergency room for my wife.  She was running a fever and had been sick for several day. So we get to the emergency room and after about 4 hours they decided to admit her.  I paid the emergency room fees of 5200 pesos ($160.00).  Then per policy they require that I pay 80% of the approximate bill prior to admitting her.  She was 7 months along in her pregnancy and was having contractions.  In addition to running a high fever and low blood iron levels.  They required at 4pm (4 am east cost time) on a Tuesday I pay 30,000 ($750.00 ) pesos to admit her.   Considering I just drew out $200 dollars for the emergency room and my credit limit on my cards was $500.00 this placed me in a situation.  I tried to explain to the hospital that I was unable to draw additional money till noon the next day. I could not call to get my credit limits lifted to draw money out as it was 4am US time. 

They knew the fact that they were placing mother and child in danger.  Yet refused to admit them till I had the money to pay prior to service.  Actually told us to leave and come back when you get the money.  They knew she needed a blood transfusion and knew she needed an incubator for the baby.  She also had contractions and 101 fever.  They used this to calculate how much cash I would need to admit her. 

I was very lucky friends and family came to my rescue to help with the initial fees and allowed her to be admitted to the hospital.   All was well and the baby was born as scheduled not early.  Yet it should be a warning to all that visit the Philippines.  Hospitals require 80% estimate fees prior to admission.

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