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Moving Abroad and Jealousy

Moving Abroad Prepare The Family 4 Tips

Tim Potter Sugarland Texas

I started this blog primarily because I have a Cyber Stalker.  This individual once lived in the Philippines though I have never met him.  He was unable to adjust to life abroad and unable handle the day to day pressures of living abroad.  This must have made him a bitter man and I feel sorry for this guy.  As he wastes his life chasing after people that have the life he so longs to have.  I now live mine in Cebu a long ways from Sugar Land Texas.

The reason I bring this up is there where will be people that do not understand why you choose to do what you do.  You should be prepared to answer these questions prior to just up and moving.  This is a destination you will be at for a while.  It is not like you can hop in your car and head down the road.  Families and Friends need to be prepared not to see you for a while.  

Here are 4 tips to help you through this time:

1) Your family may be dumbfounded at your decision.  

  This is to be expected no one moves half way around the world to live another life.  They can not figure out why you would want to do such a thing.  Additionally they will then do the compare game.  What is wrong with here?  What do you not like about here?  So prepare.  They may even resort to guilt trips to make you stay.  You need to be firm with your decision.  

2) Try to tell your loved ones before you tell anyone else.  

   Is there nothing worse then finding out from a third party what a family member is about to do.  So before you share this down at the local Pub share it with your family.

3) Expect a million and one questions from your family.

  I like to play the what if game.  I will ask myself the questions if I was presented the situation   I write down both the question and the answer.  Thus I am prepared and do not look hesitant about this life altering decision.  

4) Come up with a plan of how you will communicate.

  There are so many ways to communicate. I use Google Voice and Video chat. I can talk for hours and hours to land lines or cell phones for free.  Google Voice Free 2013 is a good article about this.  

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