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Missing Home as an Expat

Missing the things from Sugar Land Texas

Plane taking tim potter sugar land Texas

  As I have said in my other blogs living here presents so many challenges and ease to getting things done.  I try for the sake of sanity to not think about the USA much.  I miss many things and miss the varieties of things I can get.  Living in a third world country choices become limited.  The number of people that can afford things becomes lower and lower. So you choose what is available and not really always what you want.   At times this can be frustrating.  The ability to get your like items is even harder.  This type of life is not for everyone.  

  So what do I really miss.  

 Well being a Texas Boy I miss my Blue Bell ice cream. This by far is the best ice cream in the world. Yes they have ice cream here yet never as good and always twice as expensive.  A 1/2 gallon of ice cream will set you back $6.00.  So this is left for special times such as birthdays weddings and the likes. Yet still never that creamy goodness I know as Blue Bell.  I miss good beef and a good steak. There are not many cows in the Philippines.  The beef they have are grazed on what little vegetation they have available.  I had never really seen an anorexic cow till I arrived here.  This makes the meat tough and liking to shoe leather.    With lack of cows there is also this lack of milk. No going down to the local store and picking up a gallon of 2%. for $3.25.  You can buy carton milk from Australia zapped so it lasts a life time on the shelf in a box.  However be prepared it is sold in a liter box and if you wanted a gallon of it that would set you back just over $7.00. 
  Food is just one thing living here you must adjust to.  Yet being away from family and friends can be tough at times.  I have two children and wife that my parents have never met.  We are working on that process right now to the US.  Yet those phone calls just do not seem to cure the appetite for a big hug or meal around the table.  I was in the Marine Corps for 20 years so I traveled a lot and lived away for extended periods of times.  So I am use to that to a point.  However for those loved ones back home it can be really hard.  Harder then it ever is on you as the person abroad.  Yes I have found ways to call for cheap and found easy ways to communicate. So we talk all the time yet there are times when you just need them right here.
  I am thankful as I have a wife and two lovely children.  I am glad I made this journey.  At times it is trying and difficult yet without the struggles I would have missed out on the adventure of a life time.  A wise person once told me to get to the Roses you might have to step in some manure.  Well soon we hope because the more I work at a return the more I think about it.

  So as an expat you must prepare physical emotional and mental drain that will be placed on you.  Not every plan living in a Third World country happens as expected.

Love You Mom and Dad we will be there soon...

Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas US MarineTim Potter Sugar Land Texas US MarineTim Potter Sugar Land Texas Marine Corps