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Losing Money at the ATM

Spending more they you need to

Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas

I recently had to change my bank do to Philippine Hospital Situation.  

While reviewing information about banks I discovered a few things. I had been using a prepaid Master Card from Western Union.  Reason was they only charged 1% for foreign conversion fee and $2.00 ATM fee.   I have now USAA the charge the same 1% foreign exchange fee and no fee for first 10 ATM withdrawals   What I found was some banks charge up to 3% foreign exchange fee and $5.00 ATM withdrawal fee. The reason for change was the amount I could withdraw daily as I recently had an issue with that.  I was limited to $500 dollars a day and now its double that.  Plus a better customer support if I needed more.

Tim Potter Sugar Land texas

The foreign transaction fee (aka international transaction fee) is the fee charged to your credit card for making purchases overseas, and is generally between 2-3 percent of the amount of each purchase you make. For example, if you make $1,000 worth of purchases while traveling outside of the U.S. on a credit card that has a foreign transaction fee of 3 percent, you will be charged a $30 fee. This can add up to a lot overtime, so it may be worth applying for a credit card that does not have a foreign transaction fee before going on a long trip abroad, or if you travel frequently.  For more info click here

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