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How To Eat Rice, Push it

Rice Diversity. Part of the image collection Tim Potter Sugar Land

Eating Rice the Proper way

I am writing on how you should eat rice.  When I got here I thought rice was that  white stuff Grandma pushed at the end of Christmas dinner.  As no one had ever tried it or ate it.
My idea of rice was just that,  bland with zero taste.  I would try and cover it all with my best bottle of Kikoman. 

 I thought that is what you are suppose to do.  Then just inhale the rice as fast as possible.  I was all for the saying no rice.

I would see people eating rice with their fingers and glopping it into a big ball and eating it. I thought how gross. However I have come to realize that cultural differences make eating rice a science here.  I bet they thought the same as I ate my pizza and I did not use a fork or knife.  Just pick it up and go for it.
The low down on eating rice is you must mix your meat or vegetables then you push, push, push with your fingers till it is a little ball then you eat away.  What it does is flavor the rice. It makes the rice appealing and actually I am growing use to this white sticky stuff. 

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