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Getting Around 101 in Philippines

Travel in the Philippines 

Davao City

Traveling in the Philippines can be an adventure for the faint of heart. 

I have traveled via almost every mode of travel in the Philippines.  Some are considered safe some not so safe.  Because of the way the laws are written I tend not to drive myself. However take forms of public transportation.  If you are visiting recommend that you get a driver for that rental car if you so choose.   Most rental agencies have drivers available for hire that are company employees.    This will shift the liability to the company from you in case of accident.   One thing to never forget with cheaper cost comes a pay off.  In many times this comes in the form of safety.  These forms of road transportation will just about stop anywhere. So you must be alert to your surroundings at all times.  There are also crime elements that infect the Buses and the Jeepney.  So keep your valuable close and a low profile is also best.  I have traveled these forms and never been a victim.  Yet it happens and you must keep your wits in the fore front.

Here are the most popular Forms of Travel:


Pedi cab cebu

This is used to travel from the main road to your home.  It is a very easy form of travel.  They just pedal you home.  It costs 5-10 pesos ($0.25) for a short trip.  Excellent for that hot day when you do not want to walk that Km to your house.


Trike Cebu

These are used to travel just a bit farther.  They offer door to shop service and in return.  You can travel from the market to house and then back again.  Makes life pretty easy for the quick trips to the market.  They charge 10 pesos for your first Km and then 1 pesos for each one there after.  



Consider this your Buses for the city.  They will travel all over the city and will take you to every part of the city.  Each Jeepney has a number on the roof that gives the route.  Understanding the route will take time.  However you can get almost anywhere in the city.  It is a slow go and no AC.  Smog and such from the street will be ever present.  However it is the most popular form of transportation. Additionally it is so cheap.  At 8 pesos for the first KM and 1 pesos for each one after that.  


Taxi Cebu

Well as it says Taxi.  There are Taxi stands at every mall and every store.  You can hop in and head on home.  One thing not all taxis are created equal.  So just because it is first does not mean you must take that taxi.  Over time I refuse to get in the older worn out taxis. I either wait or pull another one for the line.  So do not be pressured into just jumping in a worn out taxi.  The rate is 40 pesos flag down and 2.5 peso per Km and there is idle fee also.  


buses Cebu

Getting from one side of the island to the other can be a chore. Yet this is a very economical means of travel.  You can get from Cebu to Toledo for 65 pesos ($1.65) or about the same as Austin to Houston.  


V Hire Cebu

These are simple 15 passenger vans that do the same routes as buses.  They tend to have a few more creature comforts and just get there a lot faster.  The same route as the one mentioned above will cost you 100 pesos ($2.25).  

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Little Humor about riding a Jeepney though this is so true.  

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