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Flip Flops For All Seasons

Filipino Style and Fashion Statement.

Flip Flops

In my travels around the Philippines, I notice that flip-flops (slippers) have become a very popular Filipino fashion. No matter where I look everyone seems to have them on their feet. Now nobody denies that flip-flops are known to be the basics of the summer season, especially during beach outings and cruises. Yet here they have taken on a world of their own.  The innovation of the regular slippers turned into one fashion statement is impressive and stylish to the highest degree. These are the basic thong slippers. They come in different colors  styles, and of course, range in different prices. One thing in common to note, they are all feet comfy and convenient to wear. But even though they are comfortable to wear, it is still highly advisable to take precaution especially when walking on slippery surfaces.

Old Navy Brand

Now slippers become all season wear here.  

The weather is always around 85 degrees and very humid. So the last thing you want to do is put those feet in socks and enclose them for lengths of time.  Your dogs will begin to bark shortly after you exit your door.
So when you in the Philippines down your favorite slippers and enjoy the weather

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