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Filipino Infection

I think I am becoming infected

Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas

As I live here longer and longer I find myself doing things that are just so Filipino. You just can not help but picking up traits and mannerisms of your host country after several years here.  

Couple of things I have done as of recently:

The wife asked me where the diapers for the babies were.  Well instead of pointing with my finger or just saying on the chair.  
I proceeded to pucker my lips, raise my eyebrows and nod my head in the direction of the chair.  To make matters worse she asks me did I hear her.  I said yes I answered you.  

The wife and I are heading out for a day of shopping our normal ritual on the first of the month.  I then ask her where my slippers were.  Now slippers where I am from are something you wear in the morning around the house.  Here however they represent my shoes for the day or Flip Flops.

I no longer refer to the bathroom as a such.  It is now a comfort room or in typical Filipino fashion I just say CR.  

I ask for tissue even when at a restaurant for when I miss that big target called my mouth. I never ask for napkin as that refers to sanitary wipe women need to use once a month.

I no longer say to-go when at Mcdonalds or other fast food restaurant.  I just save myself the heart ache and say take out.  

No longer to I refer to my favorite Ritz Crackers as Crackers.  They are now a Biscut you know that wonderful bread product that you get at KFC or Hungry Jack style.

When I first arrived here I heard "Hey Joe" a lot. I would always turn around.  I tend not to hear it as much anymore.  Though every time I hear "PSST" (sound made by puckering your lips and blowing air through your teeth. A typical Filipino way of calling) I flip my head in that direction.  

Things when I first got here were hard to over come. Yet I did manage though it seemed there were some laughs along the way.

When I first met my wife I asked if she wanted a mango.  Of course she did what fine upstanding Filipina would not want a mango.  Lets just say in Texas we do not have a plethora of Mangos and prior to my arrival had never had one. Well except maybe in a can.  So doing what any red blooded american would do I peeled the mango. I then scrapped all the mango off into a bowl and served it.  The wife was a real trooper on this and did not even laugh.  Little did I know your suppose to slice it in half and use the bottom and top halves as a bowl which you spoon out the Mango.

Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas

Of course I know better however I was preparing rice and shortly after the whole mango thing.  My wife asked me if I washed the rice. Now just thinking back to the mango.  I had to pause as I looked at the Joy sitting on the sink.  Now in the back of my mind I knew this is not what she meant.  Lucky for her I asked Hun " Do you mean rinse the rice"?  She replied "Yes Hun wash the rice".  I managed to deduct that wash meant rinse.  

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