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Expat Living Outside the Big City


In the years I have been here I have found that province life has made me happier and more complete as a person.

Reasons I say that is I have found joy in simpler things in life. I can not go to the store and find that western snack or western food. Yet I find that I can be more creative in cooking. I can make something I crave or make something as sweet or delicious. When things are to easy you enjoy it but I find being a bit creative you can enjoy it more.

Another reason are the people. People outside the city are not so exposed to the expat and negative expat culture. They are more accepting and just enjoy being in your company. The preconceived notion you are rich because you are white is not such a factor. The materialistic world of Cebu is not playing apart in the thinking.  

I almost hate when I have to travel over the mountain on my way to Cebu. The smoke pollution and congestion drives me mad.  The people are begging for a living not because they have a need or can not work. They send their kids out while they eat to earn a living. It makes you look down on the poor. I know now being here in the province there are people that just can not work or can not do some type of labor. Their plight is genuine and not just an act to milk me for a 5 peso coin. I still never give money however food.

I had an old blind man and his wife come to my gate. They sing and play an instrument.  I gave them a cup of rice and some canned meat. The lady always has a smile and says Salamat to us. She once asked me if we had cooked rice or prepared food. They were hungry and not just out to take my money.  I never had been exposed like that in such a way in the city.

Kids are different also.  They will not just beg for money. They have a value system. They have morals that equal that of any culture. Yes I have groups of kids that come to the gate wanting money. However they know we will have odd jobs they can do. Sweeping
Glancing Back at Cebu
Glancing Back at Cebu (Photo credit: Storm Crypt)
 or washing the motorbike. They have an appreciation that the peso is not free if you just ask. An example we had a group of four kids come to the gate looking like rag-a-muffins. The wife said you go get cleaned up come back. We will have a treat for you. 30 mins here they came all showered and clean. Amazed. They actually listened and understood why she said it and had respect for what she said. 

Well examples abound however if you have never left the comforts of Cebu or surrounding areas you are missing out on a joy that could be second to none. 

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