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Document Nightmare 2.0

So as the world turns. 

 We called today and were told that the document was approved by Manila and need us to come in to the City for a few more T's to cross and I's to dot.  Then the document is back off to Manila for correction.  The current process took us two months for Manila to approve it.  Now they must enter the document after correction and approval of the correction.  They approved that it be corrected.  So we are going to get the correction done pay 1,500 pesos for that.  Then back to the same office it came from to make sure it was done correctly and remove the older entry.  Then they forward it to the NSO for entry into the system.  This process takes 1-3 months to accomplish.  

Now just imagine that is this a simple typographical error.  Two letters reversed.  

Now on to my youngest sons birth certificate.  Paid for express filing and went to the NSO office to have it done.  This was two months ago and did this also when he was born.  Well as of today Manila still has not entered it into the system.  So we have a NSO paper saying No record found.   So we must go to NSO office again and find out why there is a hold up with his Birth Certificate and why it takes 6+ months to get NSO to registrar his Birth Certificate.  More money more time.

This is what has transpired prior to this point.  Click Here

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