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Decision to Return

Returning to the US Soon

I have lived in the Philippines since March 2007 and enjoyed many things that come with living here.
However times change and life changes.  This decision comes with alot of thought about my family and my lifestyle here.

I have found over the last few years that cost of living continues to rise. Food and Electric being the primary rising prices. We once never had electric bills over 2,000 pesos. Now we are lucky if it does not go over 4,000 pesos. Our food cost minding that we now have 2 baby. The cost for our essentials has risen from 9,000 pesos to well over 15,000 a month.   What once seemed like an inexpensive lifestyle now costs me more then what I would pay if I return. So the biggest factor in my decision is money.  I have to have enough money to not only live but survive on an economy that continues to raise prices.   Though some can say they can live here much cheaper I ask at what cost.
Then my son needs receive surgery for his hand. The doctors are just not up to standard.    No I am not being overly critical  When the leaders of this country wish to seek medical in the US there is a reason for that.   Additionally I have medical insurance yet it is out of pocket till reimbursement if and when I get it. So that adds into my decision.
Schooling is of huge concern yet I would have to pay to receive an educational value equal to that of US public schools.  Again money plays into this decision.
My opportunities and that of my wife / childern are limited by the bounds the Philippines has set for the people here.  Thus them rising in the social standard is very unlikely unless we spend large sums of money.

For the nay sayers and saying what a horrible decision or people saying I should try this or that. We discussed all scenarios prior to reaching a decision.  We must no matter what give our child the best opportunities that life can offer.  Those opportunities in the Philippines are not available or come at a high price.  That is what ultimately pushed us over the edge for our decision.

The Philippines is a great place just not great for raising a family.


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