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Being Poor in the Philippines

What does it mean to be poor in the Philippines

Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas
Philippine Slums

When I first came to the Philippines I did not understand what being poor was all about.  Being from the US I really did not understand the concept.  See in the US we are lucky we have a safety net to catch us if we fall.  It is not a rose colored view of what I am saying either.  

Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas
Children with meals

In the Philippines there is very little in regards to social programs that take care of the poor.  Yes they have programs and they do have some things.  Yet they will not feed if you are hungry or house you if need a home.  They will not give you money nor pay for your hospital bill.  

Tim Potter Sugarland Texas
Public Hospital for the Mothers to be.

Being poor in the Philippines is not something I would ever want to experience.  People live here day to day.  When it rains, there is no work for the many that live this way.  How do you explain that babies go hungry or with out food.  Or that they have little or no clothes to wear.  They do not wear diapers not because of want because they can not afford.  

Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas
Field workers after a rain

This is a country where the daily salary in Cebu is 250 pesos a day. That is $6.25 dollars a day.  That amount of money goes to feed more then just themselves but the extended families.  Commodities in life are no cheaper here then the rest of the world.  So people do without.   Many would say get a Job or work and they can provide. With unemployment around 7% and underemployment at 23% (underemployment is defined as earning 1 peso or more a month but want a better job). It makes life very hard for those that live it.

I am thankful I have a Government in the US that protects it people and ensures they are fed and cared for.  I know that people abuse it however the alternative could be far worse.  

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