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Baby its Cold Outside... WHAT?

Yes it actual does get Cold in Cebu.

Its cold in cebu  baby,..

So as the winds are picking up and the air getting brisk. 

 The wife is breaking out the sweats and socks to wear around the house.  We added few more blankets to the bed.  I bet if we had a fireplace it would be fired up.  You would think it is time to put away the flip flops and shorts for the jackets and jeans.  You know it is the middle of January and winter is upon us now.  So as I sit back and chuckle with grin about my face.  I know that it is only 65 Degrees (18 degrees Celsius) and the winter storm to end all storms will pass.  Then once again it will be our regular 85 degrees.   So for those back home in Sugar Land Texas you enjoy winter and I will enjoy a nice spring day.  

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