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Avoid Being a Tourist Target

Will being a Tourist make you a Target in the Philippines

One thing I notice  are peoples experiences ranging from the good to the awful.  They go from  experiences in taxis to hotels and local people.  Normally these revolve around money and the thinking of a Kano Tax.  (Kano is short for AmeriKano)

First you must remember you look different then the locals.  So you are spotted no matter where you go. Additionally your plane ticket here was more then most make in a year.   So those two factors make you a target for the less desirable and thus they try and apply the Kano tax.

Second thing is that just because expat A says you can get this.  Does not mean you will also.  People in this country are so non-verbal.  Your body language and your tone of voice will determine if you will get the same service and have the same experiences.  There is not set rules for anything.

Third thing is no matter how upset you become you must never ever lose your cool.  You must always try and resolve issues in a smiling happy mood.  If you lose your cool and raise your voice you will normally lose in a situation.  This is probably the hardest thing to learn.  However you being there expressing displeasure in a reasonable tone. Will get you what you want when the realize you are not going away. 

Lastly there are no rules to what will happen.  The rules are determined by you and your reaction. If you react in such a manner as being a rude guest. Well you will be treated as such.  They can smell new meat and know if you are a guest or a resident. 

The thing to remember is these are not just for the Kano it is for the culture that everyone lives in here. Filipinos are targets also.  Handling it correctly in a Filipino manner of displeasure will get you more miles for your Peso. 

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