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Access for Free Website Unavailable While Abroad

Virtual Private Network (VPN) While Abroad

Free VPN Service Philippines Tim Potter Sugarland

A virtual private network is a secure connection between you and the server then to the internet.  You are sending your data to a server in the US which then sends you data back out to the internet.

 You Philippines --------------> VPN US ---------------> Internet

Thus when you access the internet you have a Geographical location of the US. Sites use this to target you for pricing, availability and advertising.  Example is Skype charges you more for US phone service if using a Philippine internet protocol (IP) address vice a US address.

If you have ever visited Hulu and received this message:


Then you will understand the frustration of accessing the internet while you are abroad.  

Being and expat on a budget I am always looking for ways to save a little money.  I have located another free service that does not have the traffic limits.  You can watch those Hulu shows or you can access those Youtube videos.  With a VPN you are hidden behind servers in the US and are able to do these things. 
VPN Tim Potter


The installation of Spotflux is simple.  There is no spyware no malware and only one advertising link that you can uncheck as you are installing if you wish to not have it.  There are no bandwidth restrictions and my favorite part is its free.  So if you are interested then head over to SPOTFLUX and download the program. I am not affiliated with any of these products nor am I collecting on any affiliate links.  I just am providing something I want to share that I use daily.   If you like this post check out my posts on:
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