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Trying to get to the States

Tim Potter Trying to get to Sugar Land Texas

Official seal of City of Sugar Land
Official seal of City of Sugar Land (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
People often ask me why are you so down 
on the Philippines.  Why I want to go back to Sugar Land Texas What have these nice people ever done to you.  People with these rose colored glasses I am going to let you step into my world.  Why am I pissed at a country that continues to hold my family hostage.

In 2010 I married my wife.  Not known to us at the time was the Marriage License had a spelling error on this document.  Not a big deal and according to the website it should be an easy fix.  We need two documents and 1500 pesos they will change it.  Here is the kicker the Law for typographical errors has a clause at the discretion of the Civil Registrar.  We live in Cebu and have traveled to a city 4 times. Each of the times we traveled to a city we were turned away to obtain more identifying documents. This resulted in getting a Comlec ID from Manila and Drivers License for a person that does not drive. This has involved the City Tax office and the SSS office.  We have visited an Attorney today and a little juice from a friend we may on Monday get this document completed.  However between Airfare, Trips to a City, Attorneys, Taxis, and documents this error has now cost me about 18,000 pesos and at least 14 wasted days.  The unseen cost was my 13a was denied because of this error.  So I continue the BOI travels in and out after 2 years of trying to fix this crap.   That has cost me 84,000 pesos in this course of time plus a trip out of the counrty.  So an error by the Registrar has cost me over 115,000 pesos. Not to include taxis, documents and such.

One of my sons was born over a year ago.  We expressed filed his documents to get a birth certificate.  Today we found out that NSO has not processed his documents.  Additionally my second son 3 months old I paid for express filing and found his also has not been done.   Two hospitals.  This was a cost of 650 pesos each when they were born.  The process is to be completed in One to Three months.  However neither are done.  So off to the two hospitals next week, then to the only person that can certify them, then to the bank, then to LBC to express file them again.  Now I have someone with a little juice that can help ensure Manila NSO does their job.  However does not change the facts that they failed to complete the first request which I have a receipt for.  Called the 24 hour hotline about this and sir we show no record.  You can wait or resubmit.  Losing control with this lady would have been nice.

So today instead of planning to leave this Country I will have to wait 4-6 months for the Marriage License and 1-3 Months for the Birth Certificates.  That is if and big if everything happens as it should next week.  THIS WOULD NEVER EVER HAPPEN LIKE THIS IN THE US.  TWO YEARS FOR A MARRIAGE LICENSE CORRECTION AND 1 YEAR FOR A BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  There is zero wonder why this country will never ever succeed beyond a 4th rate country.

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