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Google Voice Free 2013

 The only way I call the home to Sugar Land Texas.

I have been a Google Voice user and subscriber since 2007 (as Grand Central) when they first launched Google Voice and it was by invite only.  With this application I am able to call the US with unlimited time.  I am able to receive calls from the US if I have a internet connection.  I can either use the 3G network or wifi network with the applications.  

Here are features I love about this application and let me explain why.

1. Free US number for both outgoing and incoming numbers
2. Free Text Messages to the US
3. Free calls to the US. (using application explained later)
4. Free incoming calls.
5. Text to email for voice messages and text messages.
6. Call history available online on through applications.

With the expansion of the smart phones both the Iphone and Android phones have applications that allow you to seamlessly connect to the US.  The voice quality of these calls is Good to Very good.  Of course this depends on your connection speed.

What I use I have both an Android Device and an Iphone.

In the Android Phone I use GrooveIp.  It is not a free application yet worth the 4.99 it costs to but this.  It has echo suppression and few other neat features.

In the Iphone I use an app called talkatone.  It is a free application and does wonders on the Iphone.  The android application let me down.  It was not very good and actually was just bad.

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