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Success is based on you and your decisions

World Globe

Do not kid yourself its hard.

Beware of moving overseas! It’s tough, confusing, disorienting… and ultimately, extremely rewarding.  So take it one day at a time and learn to walk before you run.

Living overseas will not solve your problems

 It may distract you for a while but you’ll likely find that once you’ve been overseas for a while, old habits and patterns begin to re-emerge and you’ll find yourself with all the same problems, just in a different place.  Your problems could only get worse if you run.  Face them prior to leaving.

Eliminate baggage

 Becoming an expat is not only physical, geographical, and logistical it’s also emotional. Your priorities change. Having these things back home will make you miss them.  Then when you return home you may question why you left to start with. It was such a distant memory.

Bring Money

When you arrive budget is out the window as you try to settle in.  So you must have more money then you thought.  Plan for the emergency that may arrive and be prepared.

Visit First

 All the reading and understanding does not explain the culture.  There is nothing that compares to boots on the ground.  A book and words mean nothing in real world situations   So visit for a while and see if it suits you.

Be Flexible

Be prepared to be flexible about specific destinations. A
 lot of research on a city that you  think you would love. After a couple of days of getting there you may realized it wasn’t the kind of place you wanted to spend more than a week let alone a life time.  You are not married to one place so do not give up.  Just move to another city.

Have Goals

 Know where you want to be and set a time frame.  Know that you must sacrifice in the short term to eventually reach those goals. If you come up short set the goal again.  

Governments problems can be compounded

You need to be patient with the documentation procedure,  be open and understanding with different languages and culture.”


Research, research, research

Have a support structure

Dedicate time to spend time with people of similar culture to bounce ideas and thoughts off.  It will keep you grounded.  It will allow you to be open to talking about your fears and frustrations.

Have interests that the country provides

 Do not be one dimensional when you move to the country.  You must have genuine interest in the country you are moving to. Enjoy all the sites and sounds of your surroundings. 

Water and Condoms

Don’t drink the water and use a condom.

Do no accumulate to much stuff

When you first arrive you will want the creature comforts of home. Yet you need to give it time before you settle into your life 100%.  Ensure it is the location you desire as moving again would be of significant loss. This can be an emotional and physical drain if you must relocate.

Eat and speak local

Live outside your own little bubble.  Get out Eat foods that you never thought you would, Take in the culture and learn the language.  Push your self to the limits and then you reap the rewards.  

Its not your home country

Your values and your idea of right and wrong belong in your home country.  Adapt to the surrounding and try to be an Expert of life there.  If you try and compare it will frustrate you and soon you will be packing.

Be a tourist

There is nothing wrong with being a tourist.  It actually gives you an excuse when you make an error. Slow down take time and just enjoy this new life. After the honeymoon is over then settle into that new life.   

You will miss family

People that do not travel frequently become home sick. They miss the close family support structure. This life changing decision can not just be undo instantly.  It would be very costly to head back home.  So you should consider this aspect prior to any move. 

It is a move not a vacation

This is a step to a new location and new life.  It will not end after a month so understand the dynamics involved. Do not think it is an extended vacation.  This will be your life from today forward.

Dream or reality

As long as you sit at home and dream about this.  The farther away it becomes.  The only way to make this happen is to do it. Then it becomes a reality.  Talk is cheap and dreams happen every day.  Reality is when you step off the plane and you have arrived.  To make this happen you must take the steps in the direction required and do what is required.  Every step forward is a step towards making this a Reality. 


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