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When is free not a good thing?

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In the last 5 years that I have been in Cebu VOIP has gotten cheaper and easier to use.  With smart phones and tablets these operations are seamless and anyone can set these things up.  I have tried about 10 different services ranging in price and quality.  There is one common protocol that is used for all services that is SIP (session internet protocol).  Now Skype is a different animal and uses a different delivery method to get voice and/or video to  all parties.  SIP has issues with certain areas and certain companies blocking the port needed.  PM me if you need it resolved.

I will try and lump these into a few categories.  Budget carriers that offer good rates work on smartphones and computers.  When I do this I consider bandwidth cost and ease of set up.

I would first check to see if you have enough bandwidth and quality of line to use a VOIP provider. MOS score of 5.0 is ideal.  I have 4.2 and get clear calls.

Voip Speed Test

Majic Jack has been around for years and they now have a smart phone application rates are good and mostly the connection is good. Free local number Yearly subscription fee.
Whistle phone is another budget carrier that sets up on your desktop and or smartphone. Per min billing. Free Local number

Both those options use alot of bandwidth so be prepared.  This can cause choppiness and echos when calling.  Depending on need both provide the same service and yet differ on how to bill.

Skype   I consider this as old reliable.  It works on connections that SIP will not work.  It also for VOIP uses less bandwidth then the above two.  It is available for smartphones and desktops.  They have per min billing and also have plans.  (USE A PROXY to US RATES ARE CHEAPER when subscribing)  They also have local numbers for a cost.


Google talk is free when you use it from your browser.  So you can make phone calls free of charge. Now if you have a google voice account you can use third party apps that allow you to make calls free to the US.
Google Voice Calling

Techno Geek

Google Voice through a PBX.  Easy to setup with android phone but can give you good quality and lowerband width.  Using sipdroid to set up the PBX and CIS from google play store you are off to free calls.

These above are the easiest to use and easiest to setup.  Using whistle phone or Majic jack are easy and cheap.  Depending on need a per min billing or yearly billing may be your answer.  Skype offers all of that for a price.  Yet quality is a bit better.  GTalk is free and gives you what you need.  Quality is the same as Whistle and Majic Jack.

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